Once there was a horse rental…

My partner and I owned a little rental. Occasionally, a horse would be better suited somewhere else, so I would find a new home for it. Eventually, my friends or people I worked for asked me if I could help them sell their horses, too. So here we are now – on this page you will find a small number of horses that are for sale. Those are either owned by myself, my partner or other breeders that I trust and know well.

I have a simple rule: I need to have a connection to the horse and I need to know & trust its owners. Only this way, can I give truthful and correct information to the buyers. This is why, on this page, there are not just any horses listed, but horses by people that I have known for a long time. The majority of the horses on this website I have either:
  • ridden or trained for some time myself
  • I have seen them grow up
  • I have ridden their parents
  • or I know their breeders and their breeding well


These horses went to Germany, Denmark, Sweden or stayed in Iceland


the right horse for you

Finding the right horse can be quite an adventure. No one can guarantee you that the horse you pick will be the perfect match for you now or after 5 or 10 years. But there are a few things I would like to make you aware about that should be considered:

level of training

“Can I use this horse, for someone with little experience? It looks so nice and easy” I have been asked questions like this quite a few times about little trained horses. Horses that are, for example, trained for two/three months, that look nice & easy in the video. Please be aware that a little trained horse needs to go into experienced hands, or you should let a professional trainer assist you with its further education. This horse could turn into the horse of your dreams :). But little trained means little experience and many things to learn – most importantly, to learn correctly. The reason why it looks easy in the video is because it has the potential to be easy, and because it is presented by a rider that has a lot of experience with young horses. Little trained horses are therefore often cheaper than horses with many years of training. Nevertheless, don’t forget that you might have to invest in these horses´ trainings if you don’t have the skills to train them yourself.

The horse´s height

The height of a horse is one very much talked issue. Especially in connection with the rider’s weight. I am no scientist, but: Please be aware that a horse that is 135 cm could as well carry more weight than one that is 145 cm tall. However, It can also be the other way around : D. Sound confusing? How much a horse can carry does not necessarily depend on its height, but on:
– its joints
– level of training
– physical shape
– the rider’s balance
– the rider’s level of riding
– and more…

Keeping a horse longer in Iceland

For younger horses such as yearlings/foals, it can make sense not to export them straight away. For example, if you don’t have space on a field yet or the cost of raising a youngster is too high at your home.

Moreover, here in Iceland, the horses usually grow up on vast fields where they can train their ability to be surefooted and have a lot of companionship to learn social skills. Additionally, the monthly feeding fees (varying from farm to farm) are in general lower than abroad.


A vetcheck is an examination of your horse. The purpose of this is to ascertain if the horse has any pre-existing health conditions which may affect its ability to perform the activity it is intended for.

The standard vetcheck includes:

  • x-rays of both backlegs
  • fore & hind limb flexion test (quick and easy method of identifying lameness in your horse) Walking and trotting in hand on a hard surface. The vet will be looking for signs of lameness
  • Thorough external examination of the horse at rest to check for any signs of injury, illness or abnormality. This will include checking the eyes, listening to the heart and lungs, thorough inspection of the limbs, the back, the skin and the teeth.


It is a good plan to set a budget for your new horse. That makes the process of finding a horse clearer. Iceland used to be known as the country of cheap and good horses. But please do consider that even in Iceland there are costs for breeding, feeding (not to forget how challenging that can be due to Icelandic weather conditions) and training a horse. I do not support dumping prices, because that means that at the end of the day, the breeder who paid to raise your horse until this day and the trainer who has put passion and work into your horse, go home poorer than they started the day.

Exporting a horse

The export is actually quite a standardized process and runs very smoothly. Click on the button to find all the info about the costs that can be expected, export companies and the journey of your horse.



A: 100.000 – 300.000 ISK / Currency converter
B: 300.001 – 600.000 ISK / Currency converter
C: 600.001 – 1.000.000 ISK / Currency converter
D: over  1.000.000 ISK / Currency converter

Did not find your horse? let me know what you are looking for


Exporting your horse

Thousands of horses are exported each year. The process is well thought through and save. The costs of exportation should be taken into account before buying a horse.

This info was kindly provided (in March 2022) by Exporthestar. (I assume no liability for the correctness of these examples). My advise: contact them for a quote and ask them to calculate the tax for you, too. : )

  • Stallions: are more expensive to export
  • Pregnant mares: can only be exported until a certain stage of pregnancy
  • Several horses: exported at the same time, are cheaper


  1. Transport von Akureyri nach Reykjavík: ca. 200€
  2.  Flug nach Liege Belgien inklusive Ausstellung der Papiere: ca. 1100€
  3.  Service-Kosten: ca. 500€
  4. Steuern: 19% auf den Preis des Pferdes und Export (Nicht auf die Service-Kosten)
  • Preis des Pferdes: 2500€
  • Steuern: (1100€+ 200€ + 2500€)* 0,19% = 722€
Das Pferd kostet dich also bis es in Belgien angekommen ist, mit allem: 5022€:
Transport Belgien – zu dir nach hause: Am besten fragst du hier an https://mueller-pferdetransporte.de/


  1. Transport from Akureyri to Reykjavík: approx. 200€
  2.  Flight plus transport to Kolding including passport : 1400€
  3. Costs at the airport: approx 500€
  4. Tax: 21% on the price of the horse and transport
  • price of the horse: 2500€
  • tax: (1400€+ 200€ + 2500€)* 0,21% = 861€
By the time the horse get to Kolding the sum would be approx. 5461€:


  1. Transport from Akureyri to Reykjavík: approx. 200€
  2.  Flight plus transport to Sweden including passport: approx. 1400€
  3. Costs at the airport: approx. 250€
  4. Tax: 25% on the price of the horse and transport
  • price of the horse: 2500€
  • tax: (1400€+ 200€ + 2500€)* 0,25% = 1025€
By the time the horse gets to Sweden the total sum would be approx. 5625€.


Exporthestar was founded by Eysteinn Leifsson who has been working in horse exporting since 1995. On their instagram / facebook they keep you posted about upcoming flight schedules.


  • Swedish
  • Icelandic
  • Deutsch

Further companies

Besides Exporthestar are three more companies that provide export services. For the Germans that are a bit insecure, Hulda from Hestvit speaks German, as well ; ).