Great Gaits & amazing character & excellent pedigree

Hlín is an open-minded 5-gaited mare with a lot of potential and a pedigree that could hardly be better!
She was gently started in 2021 and – as of 12.6 – has been trained for a total of 10 months.The photos & videos were taken in February when she was 6-7 months trained in total. From the beginning she was very cooperative, interested and absolutely exemplary. She learned quickly and could even be ridden directly alone. Furthermore, she was very light on the hand from day one. Additionally, she shows great potential in all her gaits: Very good walk, good & stable canter,  trot & tölt improving day by day and have by far not reaches their limit yet. Her pace is also promising and easily accessible. Due to her level of training, this was only tested once.
She is pleasantly sensitive and reacts quickly to the aids, bending well and walking sideways (walk & tölt).
Hlín is a mare with a big heart, great character and promising gaits, with which you can simply ride over mountains or rivers, tournaments  in the future or show her with more training at breeding shows, and breed high quality foals from her.

I sell you on behalf. Nevertheless, I know her very well, since I started her myself and also had her 3 months in  training last year.

Further option: It is possible to have them covered before export.


Seller/trainer: Elena  | trained & owned by her breeder

Photos from May 2021 – March 2022. Video footage February 2022. Last four photos of her pedigree.


IS2014266585 – Hlín frá Kolgerði
M: Þota frá Skagaströnd (1.price: 8.31 incl.9,5 for pace | competed at Landsmót)
MM: Sunna frá Akranesi (1.price: 8.16 & honorary price for offsprings)
MF: Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum (1. price: 8.66 & 1. price for offsprings | competed in WC)
F: Arður frá Brautarholti (1 price: 8.49 & honorary price for offsprings)
FM: Askja frá Miðsitju [1.price: 8.16 & honorary price for offsprings)
FF: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (1 price: 8.31 & honorary price for offsprings)


  • Born: 2014
  • Colour: red with 2 stars
  • Size: not measured – estimated over 140 cm. Her father was almost 150 cm.
  • Character & riding: friendly, attentive, sensitive, reliable, forward thinking, listens very well, sensitive
  • Gaits: high leg lift, good potential in all gaits, 5-gaiter
  • Pedigree: extraordinary good blood line
  • Level of training: Trained for about 7-8 months.
  • Hlín has had one foal (see photo)
  • Price category: D


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