graphical drawings out of photos & Screenshots


Graphical ink DRAWINGS

Taking photos, especially of a moving horse, can be quite tricky. Often my favorite photo turned out to be just a screenshot – impossible to print out and hang on the wall. That’s how the whole idea started – with so-called graphical ink drawings. I create these drawings with a professional program for graphic designers – this way they can be printed as often as you want and even the size that you want. Standard sizes are from DIN A5 til DIN A3. You can click on the pictures below and even zoom in to get a better sight of the drawing or the photo/screenshot.

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By the way, I do all kind of custom drawings.

Individuelle Zeichnung mit und ohne Abzeichen / Unique drawing with and without markings of the horse


  1. Send me your photo/screenshot.
    – Would you like a name written in the drawing?
    – Do you want changes to your picture (e.g. higher leg lift ;))?
    – What final size? (e.g. DIN A5, DIN A4, DIN A3 or in pixels)
  2. I’ll send you different versions, on which we work together to get your final drawing.
  3. When you have confirmed the final version, I will create your PDF files 
  4. Payment
  5. I will send (post fee is additional) you your 1 print and PDF files
  6. You are welcome to send me a photo of your printed image or product 🙂


Black & White: 
Ink drawing: the prices depend on your motives, if you want changes and how many versions we need to get to your final drawing. Contact me to get a quote.

Ink drawing: This option is only possible for motifs with a pinto and without a rider. In order for the watercolors to look realistic (= hand-painted, watercolors), I recommend printing out your drawing in a small format (max. frame size 20 * 20 cm). However, I can make your custom drawing as big as you want 🙂 Contact me to get a quote.


1 print in your desired size up to DIN A 3 on your chosen paper (white & matt / colored & matt / glossy) and Several PDF files.

print out yourself

Paper: I use 3 different papers
1. white & matt
2. Slightly colored & matt
3. high glossy photo paper (only option for DIN A3)
They are all at least 160 gr. Feel free ask for examples

Have it printed & sent

  • Mailing within Europe: approx. 3-5€
  • Mailing in Iceland: approx 200-500 ISK
  • Prints: 1 included. More prints on extra costs

Prices can vary due to paper prices.

Special Offer in Iceland:
Buy your drawing ready in a frame and have it sent.


I will send you a couple of PDF files in your desired size. These are of the same motif, but can look slightly different in thickness or color. Usually, you can also set the size yourself when you print it out, e.g. by reducing the percentage. This works differently for every printer.

Print on products

I am happy to create a file for you that you can use to print your drawing on mugs or t-shirts. Just let me know 🙂



Custom designs & Logo design


A logo for your company from your photo for print and web.

“das etwas andere isi poster”

deutsch-isländische untypische Übersetzungen. In DIN A3 -12,50 € zzgl. 6 € Versand


Get your horse drawn as silhouette

Custom designs

Just tell me what you are looking for 🙂